Address: 7380 Thompson Rd., North Syracuse NY 13212
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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Q: What age is appropriate for your facility?
A: To ensure safety we have a maximum age limit of ten (10) There is no minimum age limit. However, for babies and toddlers we have designated a baby area separated from the general play area.
Q: I have a child older than ten years. Is there anything he can do since he is not allowed to bounce?
A: We have arcade games that older kids love. In our Great Northern Mall location we have an EyePlay digital playground, with variety of sports games for younger and older children.
Q: Are your facilities appropriate for children with different physical impairments?
A: Yes, for the most part our facilities and equipment are great stimulus and beneficial exercise for various musculoskeletal, mental and diabetic conditions.
Q: Are you open just for parties, or open bounce as well?
A: We have both – parties and open bounce. We advise parents to call us in advance or check our Website or Facebook page for hours of operation.
Q: Every time I try to come to Niki's Party Place with my kids, you are closed. Why?
A: Sometimes we close the facilities for private events; mostly on weekends and occasionally on week days. We post weekend hours on our Facebook page and website. Please, call us in advance to avoid disappointed children.
Q: I am not jumping, can I wear my shoes?
A: No, for sanitary reasons we do not allow anyone with shoes in our facilities. Socks are mandatory for children and adults.
Niki's Party Place - FAQ

Open Bounce

Q: What forms of payment do you accept for open bounce?
A: We accept cash and credit card only.
Q: Do you charge for babies?
A: We charge for babies if they access the play areas. Babies who stay in strollers are not charged.
Q: Do you offer memberships?
A: No, we do not have any form of membership. However, we offer a Frequent Visitor Cards, which saves you 10% upon completion.
Q: What do I need to know before I come to Niki's Party Place?
A: Parents should check availability for open bounce by phone or on our website. All participants must wear socks, no matter if they are bouncing or not.
Q: Do I have to stay, or can I go and shop?
A: Supervision by a parent or a guardian is required at all times unless we have scheduled drop-off hours.
Q: How often do you clean the bounce houses?
A: We clean the whole facility thoroughly every night and as needed during the day. For that purpose we use Clorox green series and Lysol. Once a year we shampoo our carpets and clean the roofs and ceilings. Every three to six months we change the air filters.
Niki's Party Place - FAQ

Parties / Events

Q: What kind of parties do you organize?
A: Our party packages are tailored for children and primarily we host birthday parties. However, we can organize Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Girl and Boy Scouts Parties, School field trips as well as Baby Showers and Family -get- together parties. Call to discuss.
Q: How long are the parties?
A: All our parties are two-hour long. Extended party hours are available, subject to additional charge and advanced notice.
Q: What do I need to do to reserve a Birthday Party?
A: To reserve your party we require $100 deposit. Upon reserving a party we ask you to read and sign our party reservation contract.
Q: Can I pay with a check?
A: You can make a deposit with a check, but for the final payment we accept only cash or credit card. We charge $35 for a bounced check.
Q: How far in advance do I need to plan for a birthday party?
A: The sooner the best, but in general, you should call two months in advance to ensure reserving a particular time and date.
Q: Can I bring unlimited number of kids to my party?
A: You can bring as many children as you would like, with advance notice. There is additional charge per extra child if you exceed the number of kids covered by the party package.
Q: How early can I arrive for my party?
A: Please arrive no earlier than 5-10 minutes before your time. Everything will be decorated and set up before your arrival.
Q: Can we bring own food and drinks for the party?
A: Yes, you may bring food and drinks for your party.
Q: Can I bring food and/or drinks for my party the previous day?
A: Yes, you can bring your products a day or two before the party. Storing perishable products may be subject to availability, please check in advance with our staff.
Q: Do you have a fridge and a microwave?
A: Yes, we have a refrigerator and a microwave available for the parties.
Q: Do I have to bring a knife to cut the cake?
A: No, we have knives, spatulas, bowls, ice cream scoops, tongs, and platters.
Q: Do you have candles?
A: We provide a special sparkly candle included in the price of our packages.
Q: Do you provide balloons?
A: Yes, we offer balloons and balloon arrangements.
Q: Can you help me with cutting the cake. Do you provide assistance with birthday parties?
A: We do provide assistance, we serve the food and the drinks,cut the cake for you. We also take care of setting up and cleaning after your party.
Niki's Party Place - FAQ

Facilities / Accomodations

Q: Are there bathrooms?
A: Yes, we have bathrooms inside each facility and they are furnished with changing tables.
Q: Is there sitting area for parents?
A: Yes, we have plenty of sitting space for parents, coffee machines and massage chairs for their convenience.
Q: Do you provide free WiFi?
A: Yes, we have free WiFi.
Q: Do you sell drinks and/or snacks?
A: Yes, we sell drinks and snacks.
Niki's Party Place - FAQ